UpdateSourceTrigger UpdateSourceTrigger UpdateSourceTrigger UpdateSourceTrigger Enum


Describes the timing of binding source updates.

public enum class UpdateSourceTrigger
public enum UpdateSourceTrigger
type UpdateSourceTrigger = 
Public Enum UpdateSourceTrigger


Default Default Default Default 0

The default UpdateSourceTrigger value of the binding target property. The default value for most dependency properties is PropertyChanged, while the Text property has a default value of LostFocus.

Explicit Explicit Explicit Explicit 3

Updates the binding source only when you call the UpdateSource() method.

LostFocus LostFocus LostFocus LostFocus 2

Updates the binding source whenever the binding target element loses focus.

PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged 1

Updates the binding source immediately whenever the binding target property changes.


For more information, see Binding.UpdateSourceTrigger.

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