DataObjectPastingEventHandler Delegate


Represents a method that will handle the Pasting attached event.

public delegate void DataObjectPastingEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, DataObjectPastingEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void DataObjectPastingEventHandler(object sender, DataObjectPastingEventArgs e);
type DataObjectPastingEventHandler = delegate of obj * DataObjectPastingEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub DataObjectPastingEventHandler(sender As Object, e As DataObjectPastingEventArgs)



The object where the event handler is attached.


The event data.


The Pasting attached event occurs when a paste operation has selected a data format to paste, but before the data is actually pasted.

Actions typically performed by a Pasting attached event handler include:

  • Change the selected paste format by setting new value for the FormatToApply property.

  • Apply a custom data format to the paste selection.

  • Create a new DataObject, and assign it to the DataObject property of e. A read-only copy of the original data object is stored in SourceDataObject.

  • Cancel the paste operation by calling CancelCommand.


If the paste format is changed, the handler method is responsible for ensuring that a newly selected paste format is consumable by the paste target.

Extension Methods


Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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