AccessibleObject.IAccessible.accSelect(Int32, Object) Method


Modifies the selection or moves the keyboard focus of the accessible object. For a description of this member, see accSelect(Int32, Object).

 virtual void Accessibility.IAccessible.accSelect(int flagsSelect, System::Object ^ childID) = Accessibility::IAccessible::accSelect;
void IAccessible.accSelect (int flagsSelect, object childID);
abstract member Accessibility.IAccessible.accSelect : int * obj -> unit
override this.Accessibility.IAccessible.accSelect : int * obj -> unit
Sub accSelect (flagsSelect As Integer, childID As Object) Implements IAccessible.accSelect



A bitwise combination of the AccessibleSelection values.


The ID number of the accessible object on which to change the selection. This parameter is 0 to select the object, or a child ID to select one of the object's child objects.



The following describes which AccessibleSelection values to specify when calling Select to perform complex selection operations.

Operation Flag Combination
To simulate a click TakeFocus OR TakeSelection
To select a target item by simulating CTRL+click TakeFocus OR AddSelection
To cancel selection of a target item by simulating CTRL+click TakeFocus OR RemoveSelection
To simulate SHIFT+click TakeFocus OR ExtendSelection
To select a range of objects and put focus on the last object Specify TakeFocus on the starting object to set the selection anchor. Then call Select again and specify TakeFocus OR ExtendSelection on the last object.
To deselect all objects Specify TakeSelection on any object. This flag deselects all selected objects except the one just selected. Then call Select again and specify RemoveSelection on the same object.

This member is an explicit interface member implementation. It can be used only when the AccessibleObject instance is cast to an IAccessible interface.

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