AccessibleObject.IAccessible.get_accDefaultAction(Object) AccessibleObject.IAccessible.get_accDefaultAction(Object) AccessibleObject.IAccessible.get_accDefaultAction(Object) Method


Returns a string that indicates the specified object's default action.

 virtual System::String ^ Accessibility.IAccessible.get_accDefaultAction(System::Object ^ childID) = Accessibility::IAccessible::get_accDefaultAction;
string IAccessible.get_accDefaultAction (object childID);
Function get_accDefaultAction (childID As Object) As String Implements IAccessible.get_accDefaultAction


Object Object Object

The ID number of the accessible object for which to get the default action. This parameter is 0 to select the object, or a child ID to select one of the object's child objects.


A string that indicates the default action of childID, or name if childID has no default action.

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