Application.ProductVersion Property


Gets the product version associated with this application.

 static property System::String ^ ProductVersion { System::String ^ get(); };
public static string ProductVersion { get; }
member this.ProductVersion : string
Public Shared ReadOnly Property ProductVersion As String

Property Value

The product version.


The following code example gets this property and displays its value in a text box. The example requires that textBox1 has been placed on a form.

   void PrintProductVersion()
      textBox1->Text = "The product version is: {0}",
private void PrintProductVersion() {
    textBox1.Text = "The product version is: " +

Private Sub PrintProductVersion()
   textBox1.Text = "The product version is: " & _
End Sub


Typically, a version number displays as major number.minor number.private part number. You can set it explicitly by setting the assembly version within your assembly manifest. For more information, see Assembly Manifest.

ProductVersion first looks to see if the assembly containing the main executable has the AssemblyInformationalVersion attribute on it. If this attribute exists, it is used for both ProductVersion and CommonAppDataPath. If this attribute does not exist, both properties use the version of the executable file instead.

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