AutoCompleteSource AutoCompleteSource AutoCompleteSource AutoCompleteSource Enum


Specifies the source for ComboBox and TextBox automatic completion functionality.

public enum class AutoCompleteSource
public enum AutoCompleteSource
type AutoCompleteSource = 
Public Enum AutoCompleteSource


AllSystemSources AllSystemSources AllSystemSources AllSystemSources 7

Specifies the equivalent of FileSystem and AllUrl as the source. This is the default value when AutoCompleteMode has been set to a value other than the default.

AllUrl AllUrl AllUrl AllUrl 6

Specifies the equivalent of HistoryList and RecentlyUsedList as the source.

CustomSource CustomSource CustomSource CustomSource 64

Specifies strings from a built-in AutoCompleteStringCollection as the source.

FileSystem FileSystem FileSystem FileSystem 1

Specifies the file system as the source.

FileSystemDirectories FileSystemDirectories FileSystemDirectories FileSystemDirectories 32

Specifies that only directory names and not file names will be automatically completed.

HistoryList HistoryList HistoryList HistoryList 2

Includes the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) in the history list.

ListItems ListItems ListItems ListItems 256

Specifies that the items of the ComboBox represent the source.

None None None None 128

Specifies that no AutoCompleteSource is currently in use. This is the default value of AutoCompleteSource.

RecentlyUsedList RecentlyUsedList RecentlyUsedList RecentlyUsedList 4

Includes the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) in the list of those URLs most recently used.

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