Binding.BindingMemberInfo Binding.BindingMemberInfo Binding.BindingMemberInfo Binding.BindingMemberInfo Property


Gets an object that contains information about this binding based on the dataMember parameter in the Binding constructor.

 property System::Windows::Forms::BindingMemberInfo BindingMemberInfo { System::Windows::Forms::BindingMemberInfo get(); };
public System.Windows.Forms.BindingMemberInfo BindingMemberInfo { get; }
member this.BindingMemberInfo : System.Windows.Forms.BindingMemberInfo
Public ReadOnly Property BindingMemberInfo As BindingMemberInfo

Property Value


The following code example gets the BindingMemberInfo of each Binding on a form, and prints the BindingPath, BindingField, and BindingMember property values for that Binding.

   void PrintBindingMemberInfo()
      for each ( Control^ thisControl in this->Controls)
         for each ( Binding^ thisBinding in thisControl->DataBindings)
            // Print the control's name and Binding information.
            Console::WriteLine( "\n {0}", thisControl );
            BindingMemberInfo bInfo = thisBinding->BindingMemberInfo;
            Console::WriteLine( "Binding Path \t {0}", bInfo.BindingPath );
            Console::WriteLine( "Binding Field \t {0}", bInfo.BindingField );
            Console::WriteLine( "Binding Member \t {0}", bInfo.BindingMember );
private void PrintBindingMemberInfo()
   foreach(Control thisControl in this.Controls)
      foreach(Binding thisBinding in thisControl.DataBindings)
         // Print the control's name and Binding information.
         Console.WriteLine("\n" + thisControl.ToString());
         BindingMemberInfo bInfo = thisBinding.BindingMemberInfo;
         Console.WriteLine("Binding Path \t" + bInfo.BindingPath);
         Console.WriteLine("Binding Field \t" + bInfo.BindingField);
         Console.WriteLine("Binding Member \t" + bInfo.BindingMember);
Private Sub PrintBindingMemberInfo()
    Dim thisControl As Control
    For Each thisControl In  Me.Controls
        Dim thisBinding As Binding
        For Each thisBinding In  thisControl.DataBindings
            ' Print the control's name and Binding information.
            Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Cr + thisControl.ToString())
            Dim bInfo As BindingMemberInfo = thisBinding.BindingMemberInfo
            Console.WriteLine("Binding Path " + ControlChars.Tab _
                             + bInfo.BindingPath)
            Console.WriteLine("Binding Field " + ControlChars.Tab _
                             + bInfo.BindingField)
            Console.WriteLine("Binding Member " + ControlChars.Tab _
                             + bInfo.BindingMember)
        Next thisBinding
    Next thisControl
End Sub


The BindingMemberInfo is created from the dataMember string passed to the Binding constructor.

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