BindingManagerBase.AddNew Method


When overridden in a derived class, adds a new item to the underlying list.

 abstract void AddNew();
public abstract void AddNew ();
abstract member AddNew : unit -> unit
Public MustOverride Sub AddNew ()


The AddNew method adds a new item to the underlying list by using the parameterless constructor for that item's type. AddNew is intended primarily to be used by programmers adding complex data-binding support to their custom component.

AddNew is commonly implemented using the following pattern that allows application programmers to inject their own code for creating customized items:

  1. AddNew raises the AddingNew event.

  2. The programmer can supply a custom item by handling the AddingNew event and setting the NewObject property of the AddingNewEventArgs parameter to the new item. Otherwise, the component should create an item using the parameterless constructor.

  3. If the data source does not implement the IEditableObject interface, the item is immediately added to the data source and underlying list. If this interface is supported, then the addition is transacted by the CancelCurrentEdit and EndCurrentEdit methods.

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