BindingMemberInfo.BindingPath BindingMemberInfo.BindingPath BindingMemberInfo.BindingPath BindingMemberInfo.BindingPath Property


Gets the property name, or the period-delimited hierarchy of property names, that comes before the property name of the data-bound object.

 property System::String ^ BindingPath { System::String ^ get(); };
public string BindingPath { get; }
member this.BindingPath : string
Public ReadOnly Property BindingPath As String

Property Value

The property name, or the period-delimited hierarchy of property names, that comes before the data-bound object property name.


The following code example gets the BindingMemberInfo of each Binding on a form, and prints the BindingPath, BindingField, and BindingMember property values of BindingMemberInfo.

   void PrintBindingMemberInfo()
      Console::WriteLine( "\n BindingMemberInfo" );
      for each ( Control^ thisControl in this->Controls )
         for each ( Binding^ thisBinding in thisControl->DataBindings )
            BindingMemberInfo bInfo = thisBinding->BindingMemberInfo;
            Console::WriteLine( "\t BindingPath: {0}", bInfo.BindingPath );
            Console::WriteLine( "\t BindingField: {0}", bInfo.BindingField );
            Console::WriteLine( "\t BindingMember: {0}", bInfo.BindingMember );
private void PrintBindingMemberInfo()
   Console.WriteLine("\n BindingMemberInfo");
   foreach(Control thisControl in this.Controls)
      foreach(Binding thisBinding in thisControl.DataBindings)
         BindingMemberInfo bInfo = thisBinding.BindingMemberInfo;
         Console.WriteLine("\t BindingPath: " + bInfo.BindingPath);
         Console.WriteLine("\t BindingField: " + bInfo.BindingField);
         Console.WriteLine("\t BindingMember: " + 
Private Sub PrintBindingMemberInfo()
   Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Cr + " BindingMemberInfo")
   Dim thisControl As Control
   Dim thisBinding As Binding
   For Each thisControl In  Me.Controls    
      For Each thisBinding In  thisControl.DataBindings
         Dim bInfo As BindingMemberInfo =  _
         Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Tab + _
         " BindingPath: "  + bInfo.BindingPath)
         Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Tab + _
         " BindingField: " + bInfo.BindingField)
         Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Tab + _
         " BindingMember: "  + bInfo.BindingMember)
      Next thisBinding
   Next thisControl
End Sub


The BindingPath is the period delimited combination of property names that comes before the BindingField in the navigational path returned by the BindingMember property. For example, when a new Binding is created that has a dataMember parameter of "Customers.custToOrders.OrderDate", BindingPath will return "Customers.custToOrders".

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