IComPropertyBrowser IComPropertyBrowser IComPropertyBrowser IComPropertyBrowser Interface


Allows Visual Studio to communicate internally with the PropertyGrid control.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public interface class IComPropertyBrowser
public interface IComPropertyBrowser
type IComPropertyBrowser = interface
Public Interface IComPropertyBrowser


InPropertySet InPropertySet InPropertySet InPropertySet

Gets a value indicating whether the PropertyGrid control is currently setting one of the properties of its selected object.


DropDownDone() DropDownDone() DropDownDone() DropDownDone()

Closes any open drop-down controls on the PropertyGrid control.

EnsurePendingChangesCommitted() EnsurePendingChangesCommitted() EnsurePendingChangesCommitted() EnsurePendingChangesCommitted()

Commits all pending changes to the PropertyGrid control.

HandleF4() HandleF4() HandleF4() HandleF4()

Activates the PropertyGrid control when the user chooses Properties for a control in Design view.

LoadState(RegistryKey) LoadState(RegistryKey) LoadState(RegistryKey) LoadState(RegistryKey)

Loads user states from the registry into the PropertyGrid control.

SaveState(RegistryKey) SaveState(RegistryKey) SaveState(RegistryKey) SaveState(RegistryKey)

Saves user states from the PropertyGrid control to the registry.


ComComponentNameChanged ComComponentNameChanged ComComponentNameChanged ComComponentNameChanged

Occurs when the PropertyGrid control is browsing a COM object and the user renames the object.

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