DataGridView.IsCurrentRowDirty Property


Gets a value indicating whether the current row has uncommitted changes.

 property bool IsCurrentRowDirty { bool get(); };
public bool IsCurrentRowDirty { get; }
member this.IsCurrentRowDirty : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsCurrentRowDirty As Boolean

Property Value


true if the current row has uncommitted changes; otherwise, false.



This property returns true when the pencil glyph is displayed in the row. By default, the IsCurrentRowDirty property will always equal the value of the IsCurrentCellDirty property, unless the DataGridView is bound to a data source that supports editing, or virtual mode has been implemented to use row-level commit scope. In these cases, the DataGridView will evaluate this property at the row level.

When the user navigates away from the row, the control commits all row changes. The user can also press CTRL+ENTER to commit row changes without leaving the row. To commit row changes programmatically, call the form's Validate method. If your data source is a BindingSource, you can also call BindingSource.EndEdit.

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