DataGridViewBand.HasDefaultCellStyle Property


Gets a value indicating whether the DefaultCellStyle property has been set.

 property bool HasDefaultCellStyle { bool get(); };
public bool HasDefaultCellStyle { get; }
member this.HasDefaultCellStyle : bool
Public ReadOnly Property HasDefaultCellStyle As Boolean

Property Value


true if the DefaultCellStyle property has been set; otherwise, false.



Getting the value of the DefaultCellStyle property automatically instantiates a new DataGridViewCellStyle if the property has not previously been accessed. You must, therefore, use the HasDefaultCellStyle property to determine whether the DefaultCellStyle property is currently set to a DataGridViewCellStyle instance. This is useful to determine which properties of the object returned by the InheritedStyle property represent styles set specifically for the band.

For more information about cell style inheritance, see Cell Styles in the Windows Forms DataGridView Control.

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