DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell.DataGridViewColumnHeaderCellAccessibleObject.DefaultAction Property


Gets a string that describes the default action of the DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell.DataGridViewColumnHeaderCellAccessibleObject.

 virtual property System::String ^ DefaultAction { System::String ^ get(); };
public override string DefaultAction { get; }
member this.DefaultAction : string
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property DefaultAction As String

Property Value


The default action of the DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell.DataGridViewColumnHeaderCellAccessibleObject


.NET 5.0 and later versions: The Owner property is null.


If the DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell belongs to a column with a SortMode property value of Automatic, this property returns the string "Press to sort column". If the SelectionMode property of the DataGridView control has a value of FullColumnSelect or ColumnHeaderSelect, this property returns the string "Press to select column". If neither of these conditions is present or the DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell does not currently belong to a column, this property returns Empty.

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