DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell.DataGridViewColumnHeaderCellAccessibleObject.Select(AccessibleSelection) Method


Modifies the column selection depending on the selection mode.

 override void Select(System::Windows::Forms::AccessibleSelection flags);
public override void Select (System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleSelection flags);
override this.Select : System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleSelection -> unit
Public Overrides Sub Select (flags As AccessibleSelection)



A bitwise combination of the AccessibleSelection values.


If the owning cell does not belong to a column, no action is taken. Otherwise, the following table describes the action performed for each flags value.

Parameter value Action
TakeSelection If the DataGridView control that contains the owning cell has a SelectionMode property value of FullColumnSelect or ColumnHeaderSelect, the column containing the cell is selected.
RemoveSelection If the column containing the cell is selected, the selection is canceled.
All other AccessibleSelection values No action is taken.

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