DataGridViewLinkColumn DataGridViewLinkColumn DataGridViewLinkColumn DataGridViewLinkColumn Class


Represents a column of cells that contain links in a DataGridView control.

public ref class DataGridViewLinkColumn : System::Windows::Forms::DataGridViewColumn
[System.Drawing.ToolboxBitmap(typeof(System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewLinkColumn), "DataGridViewLinkColumn.bmp")]
[System.Drawing.ToolboxBitmap(typeof(System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewLinkColumn), "DataGridViewLinkColumn")]
public class DataGridViewLinkColumn : System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumn
type DataGridViewLinkColumn = class
    inherit DataGridViewColumn
Public Class DataGridViewLinkColumn
Inherits DataGridViewColumn


The following code example sets properties on a DataGridViewLinkColumn. This example is part of a larger example available in the DataGridViewComboBoxColumn class overview topic.

    void AddLinkColumn()
        DataGridViewLinkColumn^ links = gcnew DataGridViewLinkColumn();

		links->UseColumnTextForLinkValue = true;
        links->HeaderText = ColumnName::ReportsTo.ToString();
        links->DataPropertyName = ColumnName::ReportsTo.ToString();
        links->ActiveLinkColor = Color::White;
        links->LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior::SystemDefault;
        links->LinkColor = Color::Blue;
        links->TrackVisitedState = true;
        links->VisitedLinkColor = Color::YellowGreen;

private void AddLinkColumn()
    DataGridViewLinkColumn links = new DataGridViewLinkColumn();

    links.UseColumnTextForLinkValue = true;
    links.HeaderText = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString();
    links.DataPropertyName = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString();
    links.ActiveLinkColor = Color.White;
    links.LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior.SystemDefault;
    links.LinkColor = Color.Blue;
    links.TrackVisitedState = true;
    links.VisitedLinkColor = Color.YellowGreen;

Private Sub AddLinkColumn()

    Dim links As New DataGridViewLinkColumn()
    With links
        .UseColumnTextForLinkValue = True
        .HeaderText = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString()
        .DataPropertyName = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString()
        .ActiveLinkColor = Color.White
        .LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior.SystemDefault
        .LinkColor = Color.Blue
        .TrackVisitedState = True
        .VisitedLinkColor = Color.YellowGreen
    End With
End Sub


The DataGridViewLinkColumn class is a specialized type of the DataGridViewColumn class used to logically host cells that respond to user clicks. The DataGridViewLinkColumn class is similar to the DataGridViewButtonColumn class but provides a different user experience that may be more appropriate in certain situations, such as displaying a URL stored in a database table.

To display the same link text for every cell, set the UseColumnTextForLinkValue property to true and set the Text property to the desired link text.

A DataGridViewLinkColumn has an associated DataGridViewLinkCell in every DataGridViewRow that intersects it.

The default sort mode for this column type is NotSortable.

To respond to user link clicks, handle the DataGridView.CellContentClick event. You can also use the DataGridView.CellClick event to respond to clicks anywhere in the cell.

Notes to Inheritors

When you derive from DataGridViewLinkColumn and add new properties to the derived class, be sure to override the Clone() method to copy the new properties during cloning operations. You should also call the base class's Clone() method so that the properties of the base class are copied to the new cell.


DataGridViewLinkColumn() DataGridViewLinkColumn() DataGridViewLinkColumn() DataGridViewLinkColumn()

Initializes a new instance of the DataGridViewLinkColumn class.


ActiveLinkColor ActiveLinkColor ActiveLinkColor ActiveLinkColor

Gets or sets the color used to display an active link within cells in the column.

AutoSizeMode AutoSizeMode AutoSizeMode AutoSizeMode

Gets or sets the mode by which the column automatically adjusts its width.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
CellTemplate CellTemplate CellTemplate CellTemplate

Gets or sets the template used to create new cells.

CellType CellType CellType CellType

Gets the run-time type of the cell template.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuStrip

Gets or sets the shortcut menu for the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
DataGridView DataGridView DataGridView DataGridView

Gets the DataGridView control associated with this element.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
DataPropertyName DataPropertyName DataPropertyName DataPropertyName

Gets or sets the name of the data source property or database column to which the DataGridViewColumn is bound.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
DefaultCellStyle DefaultCellStyle DefaultCellStyle DefaultCellStyle

Gets or sets the column's default cell style.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
DefaultHeaderCellType DefaultHeaderCellType DefaultHeaderCellType DefaultHeaderCellType

Gets or sets the run-time type of the default header cell.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
Displayed Displayed Displayed Displayed

Gets a value indicating whether the band is currently displayed onscreen.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
DisplayIndex DisplayIndex DisplayIndex DisplayIndex

Gets or sets the display order of the column relative to the currently displayed columns.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
DividerWidth DividerWidth DividerWidth DividerWidth

Gets or sets the width, in pixels, of the column divider.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
FillWeight FillWeight FillWeight FillWeight

Gets or sets a value that represents the width of the column when it is in fill mode relative to the widths of other fill-mode columns in the control.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Frozen Frozen Frozen Frozen

Gets or sets a value indicating whether a column will move when a user scrolls the DataGridView control horizontally.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
HasDefaultCellStyle HasDefaultCellStyle HasDefaultCellStyle HasDefaultCellStyle

Gets a value indicating whether the DefaultCellStyle property has been set.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
HeaderCell HeaderCell HeaderCell HeaderCell

Gets or sets the DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell that represents the column header.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
HeaderCellCore HeaderCellCore HeaderCellCore HeaderCellCore

Gets or sets the header cell of the DataGridViewBand.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
HeaderText HeaderText HeaderText HeaderText

Gets or sets the caption text on the column's header cell.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Index Index Index Index

Gets the relative position of the band within the DataGridView control.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
InheritedAutoSizeMode InheritedAutoSizeMode InheritedAutoSizeMode InheritedAutoSizeMode

Gets the sizing mode in effect for the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
InheritedStyle InheritedStyle InheritedStyle InheritedStyle

Gets the cell style currently applied to the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
IsDataBound IsDataBound IsDataBound IsDataBound

Gets a value indicating whether the column is bound to a data source.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
IsRow IsRow IsRow IsRow

Gets a value indicating whether the band represents a row.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
LinkBehavior LinkBehavior LinkBehavior LinkBehavior

Gets or sets a value that represents the behavior of links within cells in the column.

LinkColor LinkColor LinkColor LinkColor

Gets or sets the color used to display an unselected link within cells in the column.

MinimumWidth MinimumWidth MinimumWidth MinimumWidth

Gets or sets the minimum width, in pixels, of the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can edit the column's cells.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Resizable Resizable Resizable Resizable

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the column is resizable.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Selected Selected Selected Selected

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the band is in a selected user interface (UI) state.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
Site Site Site Site

Gets or sets the site of the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
SortMode SortMode SortMode SortMode

Gets or sets the sort mode for the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
State State State State

Gets the user interface (UI) state of the element.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
Tag Tag Tag Tag

Gets or sets the object that contains data to associate with the band.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
Text Text Text Text

Gets or sets the link text displayed in a column's cells if UseColumnTextForLinkValue is true.

ToolTipText ToolTipText ToolTipText ToolTipText

Gets or sets the text used for ToolTips.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
TrackVisitedState TrackVisitedState TrackVisitedState TrackVisitedState

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the link changes color if it has been visited.

UseColumnTextForLinkValue UseColumnTextForLinkValue UseColumnTextForLinkValue UseColumnTextForLinkValue

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Text property value is displayed as the link text.

ValueType ValueType ValueType ValueType

Gets or sets the data type of the values in the column's cells.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Visible Visible Visible Visible

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the column is visible.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
VisitedLinkColor VisitedLinkColor VisitedLinkColor VisitedLinkColor

Gets or sets the color used to display a link that has been previously visited.

Width Width Width Width

Gets or sets the current width of the column.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)


Clone() Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates an exact copy of this column.

Dispose() Dispose() Dispose() Dispose()

Releases all resources used by the DataGridViewBand.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean)

Releases the unmanaged resources used by the DataGridViewBand and optionally releases the managed resources.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

(Inherited from Object)
GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Serves as the default hash function.

(Inherited from Object)
GetPreferredWidth(DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode, Boolean) GetPreferredWidth(DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode, Boolean) GetPreferredWidth(DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode, Boolean) GetPreferredWidth(DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode, Boolean)

Calculates the ideal width of the column based on the specified criteria.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)
GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

Gets the Type of the current instance.

(Inherited from Object)
MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone()

Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.

(Inherited from Object)
OnDataGridViewChanged() OnDataGridViewChanged() OnDataGridViewChanged() OnDataGridViewChanged()

Called when the band is associated with a different DataGridView.

(Inherited from DataGridViewBand)
RaiseCellClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs)

Raises the CellClick event.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
RaiseCellContentClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellContentClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellContentClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellContentClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs)

Raises the CellContentClick event.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
RaiseCellContentDoubleClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellContentDoubleClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellContentDoubleClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellContentDoubleClick(DataGridViewCellEventArgs)

Raises the CellContentDoubleClick event.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
RaiseCellValueChanged(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellValueChanged(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellValueChanged(DataGridViewCellEventArgs) RaiseCellValueChanged(DataGridViewCellEventArgs)

Raises the CellValueChanged event.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
RaiseDataError(DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs) RaiseDataError(DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs) RaiseDataError(DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs) RaiseDataError(DataGridViewDataErrorEventArgs)

Raises the DataError event.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
RaiseMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs) RaiseMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs) RaiseMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs) RaiseMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs)

Raises the MouseWheel event.

(Inherited from DataGridViewElement)
ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets a string that describes the column.


Disposed Disposed Disposed Disposed

Occurs when the DataGridViewColumn is disposed.

(Inherited from DataGridViewColumn)

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