ChartArea3DStyle.PointDepth Property


Gets or sets the depth of data points displayed in a 3D chart area.

 property int PointDepth { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int PointDepth { get; set; }
member this.PointDepth : int with get, set
Public Property PointDepth As Integer

Property Value


An integer value that represents the depth of data points. The allowable range is 0-1000 percent. The default is 100 percent.



This property determines the depth of data points, and is represented as a percentage of the data point width.

The PointDepth property can be applied to the depth of bar, column, line, pie and spline chart data points only. If you set this property for other chart types (for example, bubble and point charts) that cannot have their point depths "stretched", it will reserve extra space for the data points, but will not increase their depth.

You can display the chart as an isometric projection by setting the IsRightAngleAxes property to true, which is the default value. This will cause the point depth to appear to be more or less than the percentage set by this property, depending on the chart being displayed.

To control the spacing between rows of data, use the PointGapDepth property.

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