ChartHatchStyle Enum


Specifies a hatching style for a chart element.

public enum class ChartHatchStyle
public enum ChartHatchStyle
type ChartHatchStyle = 
Public Enum ChartHatchStyle


BackwardDiagonal 1

Backward diagonal style.

Cross 2

Cross style.

DarkDownwardDiagonal 3

Dark downward diagonal style.

DarkHorizontal 4

Dark horizontal style.

DarkUpwardDiagonal 5

Dark upward diagonal style.

DarkVertical 6

Dark vertical style.

DashedDownwardDiagonal 7

Dashed downward diagonal style.

DashedHorizontal 8

Dashed horizontal style.

DashedUpwardDiagonal 9

Dashed upward diagonal style.

DashedVertical 10

Dashed vertical style.

DiagonalBrick 11

Diagonal brick style.

DiagonalCross 12

Diagonal cross style.

Divot 13

Divot style.

DottedDiamond 14

Dotted diamond style.

DottedGrid 15

Dotted grid style.

ForwardDiagonal 16

Forward diagonal style.

Horizontal 17

Horizontal style.

HorizontalBrick 18

Horizontal brick style.

LargeCheckerBoard 19

Large checker board style.

LargeConfetti 20

Large confetti style.

LargeGrid 21

Large grid style.

LightDownwardDiagonal 22

Light downward diagonal style.

LightHorizontal 23

Light horizontal style.

LightUpwardDiagonal 24

Light upward diagonal style.

LightVertical 25

Light vertical style.

NarrowHorizontal 26

Narrow horizontal style.

NarrowVertical 27

Narrow vertical style.

None 0

No hatching style.

OutlinedDiamond 28

Outlined diamond style.

Percent05 29

Percent05 style.

Percent10 30

Percent10 style.

Percent20 31

Percent20 style.

Percent25 32

Percent25 style.

Percent30 33

Percent30 style.

Percent40 34

Percent40 style.

Percent50 35

Percent50 style.

Percent60 36

Percent60 style.

Percent70 37

Percent70 style.

Percent75 38

Percent75 style.

Percent80 39

Percent80 style.

Percent90 40

Percent90 style.

Plaid 41

Plaid style.

Shingle 42

Shingle style.

SmallCheckerBoard 43

Small checker board style.

SmallConfetti 44

Small confetti style.

SmallGrid 45

Small grid style.

SolidDiamond 46

Solid diamond style.

Sphere 47

Sphere style.

Trellis 48

Trellis style.

Vertical 49

Vertical style.

Wave 50

Wave style.

Weave 51

Weave style.

WideDownwardDiagonal 52

Wide downward diagonal style.

WideUpwardDiagonal 53

Wide upward diagonal style.

ZigZag 54

Zigzag style.


The ChartHatchStyle enumeration represents the hatching styles that can be used for numerous chart elements, such as the ChartArea, Legend, and so forth.

Setting the BackHatchStyle property of a chart element object to any member of this enumeration except None will cause the corresponding hatching style to be applied to the chart element.

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