DateTimeIntervalType DateTimeIntervalType DateTimeIntervalType DateTimeIntervalType Enum


Specifies an interval type.

public enum class DateTimeIntervalType
public enum DateTimeIntervalType
type DateTimeIntervalType = 
Public Enum DateTimeIntervalType


Auto Auto Auto Auto 0

Automatically determined by the Chart control.

Days Days Days Days 5

Interval type is in days.

Hours Hours Hours Hours 6

Interval type is in hours.

Milliseconds Milliseconds Milliseconds Milliseconds 9

Interval type is in milliseconds.

Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes 7

Interval type is in minutes.

Months Months Months Months 3

Interval type is in months.

NotSet NotSet NotSet NotSet 10

The IntervalType or IntervalOffsetType property is not set. This value is used for grid lines, tick marks, strip lines and axis labels, and indicates that the interval type is being obtained from the Axis object to which the element belongs. Setting this value for an Axis object will have no effect.

Number Number Number Number 1

Interval type is in numerical.

Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds 8

Interval type is in seconds.

Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks 4

Interval type is in weeks.

Years Years Years Years 2

Interval type is in years.


The DateTimeIntervalType enumeration represents date and time interval types.

Note that if you use the NotSet value, properties other than IntervalType or IntervalOffsetType will treat NotSet as an Auto value.

The DateTimeIntervalType values are applicable to the LabelStyle, Grid, TickMark and StripLine classes.

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