MarkerStyle MarkerStyle MarkerStyle MarkerStyle Enum


Specifies a style for markers.

public enum class MarkerStyle
public enum MarkerStyle
type MarkerStyle = 
Public Enum MarkerStyle


Circle Circle Circle Circle 2

A circular marker is displayed.

Cross Cross Cross Cross 5

A cross-shaped marker is displayed.

Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond 3

A diamond-shaped marker is displayed.

None None None None 0

No marker is displayed for the series or data point.

Square Square Square Square 1

A square marker is displayed.

Star10 Star10 Star10 Star10 9

A 10-point star-shaped marker is displayed.

Star4 Star4 Star4 Star4 6

A 4-point star-shaped marker is displayed.

Star5 Star5 Star5 Star5 7

A 5-point star-shaped marker is displayed.

Star6 Star6 Star6 Star6 8

A 6-point star-shaped marker is displayed.

Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle 4

A triangular marker is displayed.


The MarkerStyle enumeration represents a style that is used for a series or data point marker. It is used in conjunction with the MarkerStyle property.

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