AxImporter.Options AxImporter.Options AxImporter.Options AxImporter.Options Class


Represents a set of options for an AxImporter.

public: ref class AxImporter::Options sealed
public sealed class AxImporter.Options
type AxImporter.Options = class
Public NotInheritable Class AxImporter.Options


AxImporter.Options() AxImporter.Options() AxImporter.Options() AxImporter.Options()

Initializes a new instance of the AxImporter.Options class.


delaySign delaySign delaySign delaySign

Specifies whether the generated assembly is strongly named and will be signed later.

genSources genSources genSources genSources

Specifies whether sources for the type library wrapper should be generated.

ignoreRegisteredOcx ignoreRegisteredOcx ignoreRegisteredOcx ignoreRegisteredOcx

Specifies whether to use only input from the command line instead relying on a registered version.

keyContainer keyContainer keyContainer keyContainer

Specifies the path to the file that contains the strong name key container for the generated assemblies.

keyFile keyFile keyFile keyFile

Specifies the path to the file that contains the strong name key for the generated assemblies.

keyPair keyPair keyPair keyPair

Specifies the strong name used for the generated assemblies.

msBuildErrors msBuildErrors msBuildErrors msBuildErrors

Specifies whether errors are output in the Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) format.

noLogo noLogo noLogo noLogo

Indicates whether the ActiveX importer tool logo will be displayed when the control is imported.

outputDirectory outputDirectory outputDirectory outputDirectory

Specifies the path to the directory that the generated assemblies will be created in.

outputName outputName outputName outputName

Specifies the filename to generate the ActiveX control wrapper to.

overwriteRCW overwriteRCW overwriteRCW overwriteRCW

Specifies whether to overwrite existing files when generating assemblies.

publicKey publicKey publicKey publicKey

Specifies the public key used to sign the generated assemblies.

references references references references

Specifies the AxImporter.IReferenceResolver to use to resolve types and references when generating assemblies.

silentMode silentMode silentMode silentMode

Specifies whether to compile in silent mode, which generates less displayed information at compile time.

verboseMode verboseMode verboseMode verboseMode

Specifies whether to compile in verbose mode, which generates more displayed information at compile time.


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