FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder Enum


Defines identifiers used to indicate the root folder for a folder browser to initially browse to.

protected: enum class FolderNameEditor::FolderBrowserFolder
protected enum FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder
Protected Enum FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolder


Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop 0

The user's desktop.

Favorites Favorites Favorites Favorites 6

The user's favorites list.

MyComputer MyComputer MyComputer MyComputer 17

The contents of the My Computer icon.

MyDocuments MyDocuments MyDocuments MyDocuments 5

The user's My Documents folder.

MyPictures MyPictures MyPictures MyPictures 39

User's location to store pictures.

NetAndDialUpConnections NetAndDialUpConnections NetAndDialUpConnections NetAndDialUpConnections 49

Network and dial-up connections.

NetworkNeighborhood NetworkNeighborhood NetworkNeighborhood NetworkNeighborhood 18

The network neighborhood.

Printers Printers Printers Printers 4

A folder containing installed printers.

Recent Recent Recent Recent 8

A folder containing shortcuts to recently opened files.

SendTo SendTo SendTo SendTo 9

A folder containing shortcuts to applications to send documents to.

StartMenu StartMenu StartMenu StartMenu 11

The user's start menu.

Templates Templates Templates Templates 21

The user's file templates.

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