IMenuEditorService IMenuEditorService IMenuEditorService IMenuEditorService Interface


Provides access to the menu editing service.

public interface class IMenuEditorService
public interface IMenuEditorService
type IMenuEditorService = interface
Public Interface IMenuEditorService


Most of the implementation of this service is provided by the host environment.


GetMenu() GetMenu() GetMenu() GetMenu()

Gets the current menu.

IsActive() IsActive() IsActive() IsActive()

Indicates whether the current menu is active.

MessageFilter(Message) MessageFilter(Message) MessageFilter(Message) MessageFilter(Message)

Allows the editor service to intercept Win32 messages.

SetMenu(Menu) SetMenu(Menu) SetMenu(Menu) SetMenu(Menu)

Sets the specified menu visible on the form.

SetSelection(MenuItem) SetSelection(MenuItem) SetSelection(MenuItem) SetSelection(MenuItem)

Sets the selected menu item of the current menu.

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