ListViewItem.Font Property


Gets or sets the font of the text displayed by the item.

 property System::Drawing::Font ^ Font { System::Drawing::Font ^ get(); void set(System::Drawing::Font ^ value); };
public System.Drawing.Font Font { get; set; }
member this.Font : System.Drawing.Font with get, set
Public Property Font As Font

Property Value


The Font to apply to the text displayed by the control. The default is the value of the DefaultFont property if the ListViewItem is not associated with a ListView control; otherwise, the font specified in the Font property for the ListView control is used.


The following code example shows how to adjust the existing font to make it bold.

listViewItem1.Font = new Font(listViewItem1.Font,   
    listViewItem1.Font.Style | FontStyle.Bold);  
ListViewItem1.Font = New Font(ListViewItem1.Font, _   
    ListViewItem1.Font.Style Or FontStyle.Bold)  


You can use this method to change the font styles applied to the text of the item. Because a Font is immutable (you cannot adjust any of its properties), you can only assign the Font property a new Font. However, you can base the new font on the existing font.

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