OSFeature.Themes Field


Represents the operating system themes feature. This field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::Object ^ Themes;
public static readonly object Themes;
 staticval mutable Themes : obj
Public Shared ReadOnly Themes As Object 

Field Value



A theme is a collection of visual interface settings that include wallpaper, cursors, fonts, sounds, and icons first introduced in Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95. The .NET Framework does not directly support manipulating themes, although it does have extensive support for visual styles in the System.Windows.Forms.VisualStyles namespace. For more information about Windows Themes, see the topics Themes and Visual Styles and Visual Styles Reference in the Win32 SDK.

To determine if the themes feature is installed, call the base class method IsPresent with Themes as the feature to look for.

Alternatively, you can check to see if the feature is installed by calling the GetVersionPresent method with Themes as the feature to find.

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