RichTextBox.GetPositionFromCharIndex(Int32) Method


Retrieves the location within the control at the specified character index.

 System::Drawing::Point GetPositionFromCharIndex(int index);
public System.Drawing.Point GetPositionFromCharIndex (int index);
member this.GetPositionFromCharIndex : int -> System.Drawing.Point
Public Function GetPositionFromCharIndex (index As Integer) As Point



The index of the character for which to retrieve the location.


The location of the specified character.


This method enables you to determine where in the control a specific character index is located. You can use this method for such tasks as displaying shortcut menu items or help information for a word in the control. For example, if you wanted to display a menu of options to the user when the user right clicks on a word in the control, you can use this method to determine the position of the word to properly display a ContextMenu control.

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