RichTextBox.LinkClicked Event


Occurs when the user clicks on a link within the text of the control.

 event System::Windows::Forms::LinkClickedEventHandler ^ LinkClicked;
public event System.Windows.Forms.LinkClickedEventHandler LinkClicked;
member this.LinkClicked : System.Windows.Forms.LinkClickedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event LinkClicked As LinkClickedEventHandler 


The following code example contains an event handler for the LinkClicked event. The event handler processes link clicks within the document of a RichTextBox control and launches an instance of the default browser (using the Process.Start method), displaying the page for the link that was clicked. This example requires that the event handler has been connected to the LinkClicked event for a RichTextBox.

   void Link_Clicked( Object^ sender, System::Windows::Forms::LinkClickedEventArgs^ e )
      System::Diagnostics::Process::Start( e->LinkText );
private void Link_Clicked (object sender, System.Windows.Forms.LinkClickedEventArgs e)
Private Sub Link_Clicked(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Forms.LinkClickedEventArgs)
End Sub


You can create an event handler for this event to process a link that has been clicked within the control. Using the information provided to the event handler, you can determine which link was clicked in the document.


By default, links are displayed as text and are not clickable. To make them clickable set the DetectUrls property to true.

For more information about how to handle events, see Handling and Raising Events.

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