RichTextBox.ShowSelectionMargin RichTextBox.ShowSelectionMargin RichTextBox.ShowSelectionMargin RichTextBox.ShowSelectionMargin Property


Gets or sets a value indicating whether a selection margin is displayed in the RichTextBox.

 property bool ShowSelectionMargin { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool ShowSelectionMargin { get; set; }
member this.ShowSelectionMargin : bool with get, set
Public Property ShowSelectionMargin As Boolean

Property Value

true if a selection margin is enabled in the control; otherwise, false. The default is false.


You can use this property to enable the user to easily select lines of text in the RichTextBox. The selection margin is added to the left side of the RichTextBox. This margin makes it easier for the user to select text starting on the left side of the control. The user can click in the selection margin to select a single line of text or double-click to select the entire paragraph that the line double-clicked is contained within.


If the ShowSelectionMargin property is set to true, setting the ScrollBars property to RichTextBoxScrollBars.Horizontal, RichTextBoxScrollBars.Vertical, or RichTextBoxScrollBars.Both will not cause scroll bars to be displayed. In order to display scroll bars while the ShowSelectionMargin property is set to true, set the ScrollBars property to RichTextBoxScrollBars.ForcedHorizontal, RichTextBoxScrollBars.ForcedVertical, or RichTextBoxScrollBars.ForcedBoth.

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