RichTextBoxScrollBars RichTextBoxScrollBars RichTextBoxScrollBars RichTextBoxScrollBars Enum


Specifies the type of scroll bars to display in a RichTextBox control.

public enum class RichTextBoxScrollBars
public enum RichTextBoxScrollBars
type RichTextBoxScrollBars = 
Public Enum RichTextBoxScrollBars


Both Both Both Both 3

Display both a horizontal and a vertical scroll bar when needed.

ForcedBoth ForcedBoth ForcedBoth ForcedBoth 19

Always display both a horizontal and a vertical scroll bar.

ForcedHorizontal ForcedHorizontal ForcedHorizontal ForcedHorizontal 17

Always display a horizontal scroll bar.

ForcedVertical ForcedVertical ForcedVertical ForcedVertical 18

Always display a vertical scroll bar.

Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal 1

Display a horizontal scroll bar only when text is longer than the width of the control.

None None None None 0

No scroll bars are displayed.

Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical 2

Display a vertical scroll bar only when text is longer than the height of the control.


Use the members of this enumeration to set the value of the ScrollBars property of the RichTextBox control.

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