StatusBar.StatusBarPanelCollection.Remove(StatusBarPanel) Method


Removes the specified StatusBarPanel from the collection.

 virtual void Remove(System::Windows::Forms::StatusBarPanel ^ value);
public virtual void Remove (System.Windows.Forms.StatusBarPanel value);
abstract member Remove : System.Windows.Forms.StatusBarPanel -> unit
override this.Remove : System.Windows.Forms.StatusBarPanel -> unit
Public Overridable Sub Remove (value As StatusBarPanel)



The StatusBarPanel representing the panel to remove from the collection.


The StatusBarPanel assigned to the value parameter is null.


When you remove a panel from the list, the indexes change for subsequent items in the collection. All information about the removed panel is deleted. You can use this method to remove a specific panel from the StatusBar by specifying the actual StatusBarPanel to remove from the collection. To specify the index of the panel to remove instead of the panel itself, use the RemoveAt method. To remove all panels from the collection, use the Clear method.

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