TableLayoutPanel.SetColumnSpan(Control, Int32) TableLayoutPanel.SetColumnSpan(Control, Int32) TableLayoutPanel.SetColumnSpan(Control, Int32) Method


Sets the number of columns spanned by the child control.

 void SetColumnSpan(System::Windows::Forms::Control ^ control, int value);
public void SetColumnSpan (System.Windows.Forms.Control control, int value);
member this.SetColumnSpan : System.Windows.Forms.Control * int -> unit


Control Control Control

A child control of the TableLayoutPanel.

Int32 Int32 Int32

The number of columns to span.



The following code example uses the GetColumnSpan and SetColumnSpan methods to set the width of a Button control in a TableLayoutPanel.

  private void toggleSpanBtn_Click(
System.Object sender, 
System.EventArgs e)
      Control c = this.TableLayoutPanel1.GetControlFromPosition(0, 0);

      if ( c != null )
          int xSpan = this.TableLayoutPanel1.GetColumnSpan(c);
          int ySpan = this.TableLayoutPanel1.GetRowSpan(c);

          if (xSpan>1)
              xSpan = 1;
              ySpan = 1;
              xSpan = 2;
              ySpan = 2;

          this.TableLayoutPanel1.SetColumnSpan(c, xSpan);
          this.TableLayoutPanel1.SetRowSpan(c, ySpan);
Private Sub toggleSpanBtn_Click( _
ByVal sender As System.Object, _
ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
Handles toggleSpanBtn.Click

    Dim c As Control = Me.TableLayoutPanel1.GetControlFromPosition(0, 0)

    If c IsNot Nothing Then

        Dim xSpan As Integer = Me.TableLayoutPanel1.GetColumnSpan(c)
        Dim ySpan As Integer = Me.TableLayoutPanel1.GetRowSpan(c)

        If xSpan > 1 Then

            xSpan = 1
            ySpan = 1


            xSpan = 2
            ySpan = 2

        End If

        Me.TableLayoutPanel1.SetColumnSpan(c, xSpan)
        Me.TableLayoutPanel1.SetRowSpan(c, ySpan)

    End If

End Sub


Column spanning is often useful for positioning a control that is considerably wider than its peers.

This method is called by the ColumnSpan property, which the panel adds to its child controls at design time.

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