TableLayoutStyle TableLayoutStyle TableLayoutStyle TableLayoutStyle Class


Implements the basic functionality that represents the appearance and behavior of a table layout.

public ref class TableLayoutStyle abstract
public abstract class TableLayoutStyle
type TableLayoutStyle = class
Public MustInherit Class TableLayoutStyle


The TableLayoutStyle class is a common base class for the ColumnStyle and RowStyle classes, which describe the appearance and behavior of columns and rows, respectively, in a TableLayoutPanel.

The series of styles that represent the current columns and rows in the current table layout are aggregated in a TableLayoutColumnStyleCollection and TableLayoutRowStyleCollection, respectively.


TableLayoutStyle() TableLayoutStyle() TableLayoutStyle() TableLayoutStyle()

Initializes a new instance of the TableLayoutStyle class.


SizeType SizeType SizeType SizeType

Gets or sets a flag indicating how a row or column should be sized relative to its containing table.


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