TextDataFormat TextDataFormat TextDataFormat TextDataFormat Enum


Specifies the formats used with text-related methods of the Clipboard and DataObject classes.

public enum class TextDataFormat
public enum TextDataFormat
type TextDataFormat = 
Public Enum TextDataFormat


CommaSeparatedValue CommaSeparatedValue CommaSeparatedValue CommaSeparatedValue 4

Specifies a comma-separated value (CSV) format, which is a common interchange format used by spreadsheets.

Html Html Html Html 3

Specifies text consisting of HTML data.

Rtf Rtf Rtf Rtf 2

Specifies text consisting of rich text format (RTF) data.

Text Text Text Text 0

Specifies the standard ANSI text format.

UnicodeText UnicodeText UnicodeText UnicodeText 1

Specifies the standard Windows Unicode text format.


This enumeration contains values that are similar to the text-related fields of the DataFormats type.

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