ToolStripItem.ProcessMnemonic(Char) Method


Processes a mnemonic character.

protected public:
 virtual bool ProcessMnemonic(char charCode);
protected internal virtual bool ProcessMnemonic (char charCode);
abstract member ProcessMnemonic : char -> bool
override this.ProcessMnemonic : char -> bool
Protected Friend Overridable Function ProcessMnemonic (charCode As Char) As Boolean



The character to process.


true in all cases.


This method is called to give an item the opportunity to process a mnemonic character. The method should determine whether the item is in a state to process mnemonics and if whether the given character represents a mnemonic. If so, the method should perform the action associated with the mnemonic and return true. If not, the method should return false.

This base-class implementation relies on the host ToolStrip control to call the IsMnemonic method to determine whether the given character matches a mnemonic in the item's text. In this case, the method raises the Click event and returns true.

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