VisualStyleRenderer.Handle VisualStyleRenderer.Handle VisualStyleRenderer.Handle VisualStyleRenderer.Handle Property


Gets a unique identifier for the current class of visual style elements.

 property IntPtr Handle { IntPtr get(); };
public IntPtr Handle { get; }
member this.Handle : nativeint
Public ReadOnly Property Handle As IntPtr

Property Value

An IntPtr that identifies a set of data that defines the class of elements specified by Class.


The operating system does not support visual styles.


Visual styles are disabled by the user in the operating system.


Visual styles are not applied to the client area of application windows.


This property is used internally by the VisualStyleRenderer methods. If the class of elements specified by the Class property is not defined by the current visual style, then this property returns IntPtr.Zero.

This property value is invalidated when the visual style of the operating system changes, or when the user disables visual styles. If you access this property directly, your code should query this property again to get a new handle when the SystemEvents.UserPreferenceChanged event is raised with the UserPreferenceChangedEventArgs.Category property value of UserPreferenceCategory.VisualStyle.

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