WebBrowser.EncryptionLevel Property


Gets a value indicating the encryption method used by the document currently displayed in the WebBrowser control.

 property System::Windows::Forms::WebBrowserEncryptionLevel EncryptionLevel { System::Windows::Forms::WebBrowserEncryptionLevel get(); };
public System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserEncryptionLevel EncryptionLevel { get; }
member this.EncryptionLevel : System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserEncryptionLevel
Public ReadOnly Property EncryptionLevel As WebBrowserEncryptionLevel

Property Value


One of the WebBrowserEncryptionLevel values.



This WebBrowser instance is no longer valid.

A reference to an implementation of the IWebBrowser2 interface could not be retrieved from the underlying ActiveX WebBrowser control.


You can use this property with the EncryptionLevelChanged event to implement an indicator in the user interface of your application similar to the lock icon in Internet Explorer. When the current document is not encrypted, the value of this property is WebBrowserEncryptionLevel.Insecure. When the WebBrowser control displays a Web page containing multiple frames with content of different encryption levels, the value of this property is WebBrowserEncryptionLevel.Mixed. When the encryption level is unknown, the value of this property is WebBrowserEncryptionLevel.Unknown. Other values indicate the type of encryption present. To mimic the behavior of the lock icon in Internet Explorer, display the encryption type in a ToolTip that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over the indicator.

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