DrawingAttributes.Clone DrawingAttributes.Clone DrawingAttributes.Clone DrawingAttributes.Clone Method


Copies the DrawingAttributes object.

 virtual System::Windows::Ink::DrawingAttributes ^ Clone();
public virtual System.Windows.Ink.DrawingAttributes Clone ();
abstract member Clone : unit -> System.Windows.Ink.DrawingAttributes
override this.Clone : unit -> System.Windows.Ink.DrawingAttributes
Public Overridable Function Clone () As DrawingAttributes



The following example demonstrates how to copy a DrawingAttributes object.

void CopyAttributes(Stroke someStroke)
    DrawingAttributes attributes = new DrawingAttributes();
    attributes.Color = Colors.Red;
    someStroke.DrawingAttributes = attributes.Clone();
Sub CopyAttributes(ByVal someStroke As Stroke)
    Dim attributes As New DrawingAttributes()
    attributes.Color = Colors.Red
    someStroke.DrawingAttributes = attributes.Clone()
End Sub


The Clone method creates a new DrawingAttributes object and populates it with the same values as the current object. Any custom properties are also copied.

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