DrawingAttributes.IsHighlighter DrawingAttributes.IsHighlighter DrawingAttributes.IsHighlighter DrawingAttributes.IsHighlighter Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the Stroke looks like a highlighter.

 property bool IsHighlighter { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool IsHighlighter { get; set; }
member this.IsHighlighter : bool with get, set
Public Property IsHighlighter As Boolean

Property Value

true to render the Stroke as a highlighter; otherwise, false. The default is false.


The following example demonstrates how to set the IsHighlighter property. The example assumes that your application has an InkCanvas called inkCanvas1, and two DrawingAttributes objects called inkDA and highlighterDA. For the complete example, see the DrawingAttributes class overview.

// Set up the DrawingAttributes for the pen.
inkDA = new DrawingAttributes();
inkDA.Color = Colors.SpringGreen;
inkDA.Height = 5;
inkDA.Width = 5;
inkDA.FitToCurve = false;
inkDA.StylusTipTransform = new Matrix(1, 0, 0, 5, 0, 0);

// Set up the DrawingAttributes for the highlighter.
highlighterDA = new DrawingAttributes();
highlighterDA.Color = Colors.Orchid;
highlighterDA.IsHighlighter = true;
highlighterDA.IgnorePressure = true;
highlighterDA.StylusTip = StylusTip.Rectangle;
highlighterDA.Height = 30;
highlighterDA.Width = 10;

inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes = inkDA;
' Set up the DrawingAttributes for the pen.
inkDA = New Ink.DrawingAttributes()
With inkDA
    .Color = Colors.SpringGreen
    .Height = 5
    .Width = 5
    .FitToCurve = True
    .StylusTipTransform = New Matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 20, 0)
End With

' Set up the DrawingAttributes for the highlighter.
highlighterDA = New Ink.DrawingAttributes()
With highlighterDA
    .Color = Colors.Orchid
    .IsHighlighter = True
    .IgnorePressure = True
    .StylusTip = StylusTip.Rectangle
    .Height = 30
    .Width = 10
End With

inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes = inkDA


When the IsHighlighter property is set to true, the Stroke is slightly transparent, which allows the strokes underneath to appear.

XAML Text Usage

This property is not typically used in XAML.

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