Stroke.Clone Method


Returns a deep copy of the existing Stroke object.

 virtual System::Windows::Ink::Stroke ^ Clone();
public virtual System.Windows.Ink.Stroke Clone ();
abstract member Clone : unit -> System.Windows.Ink.Stroke
override this.Clone : unit -> System.Windows.Ink.Stroke
Public Overridable Function Clone () As Stroke


The new Stroke object.


The following example demonstrates how to get a copy of the current Stroke object.

Stroke GetLittleRedStroke(Stroke theStroke)
    // Copy the incoming stroke
    Stroke sCopy = theStroke.Clone();

    // Scale it by 50%
    Matrix xform = new Matrix();
    xform.Scale(0.5, 0.5);

    sCopy.Transform(xform, false);

    // Color it red
    sCopy.DrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.Red;

    // Return the new stroke
    return (sCopy);

Function GetLittleRedStroke(ByVal theStroke As Stroke) As Stroke
    ' Copy the incoming stroke
    Dim sCopy As Stroke = theStroke.Clone()

    ' Scale it by 50%
    Dim xform As New Matrix()
    xform.Scale(0.5, 0.5)

    sCopy.Transform(xform, False)

    ' Color it red
    sCopy.DrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.Red

    ' Return the new stroke
    Return sCopy

End Function 'getLittleRedStroke


The properties of an object that is a deep copy of another object have the same values as the properties of the original object.

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