StrokeCollection.InkSerializedFormat StrokeCollection.InkSerializedFormat StrokeCollection.InkSerializedFormat StrokeCollection.InkSerializedFormat Field


Represents the native persistence format for ink data.

public: static initonly System::String ^ InkSerializedFormat;
public static readonly string InkSerializedFormat;
 staticval mutable InkSerializedFormat : string
Public Shared ReadOnly InkSerializedFormat As String 

Field Value


The following example demonstrates how to copy a StrokeCollection to the Clipboard. The example specifies that the StrokeCollection is in Ink Serialized Format (ISF), so that other programs, such as Microsoft Office Word can accept the copied data.

public void CopyStrokeCollection(StrokeCollection strokes)
    MemoryStream strokesInMemory = new MemoryStream();
    DataObject dataobj = new DataObject(StrokeCollection.InkSerializedFormat,

    Clipboard.SetDataObject(dataobj, true);

Public Sub CopyStrokeCollection(ByVal strokes As StrokeCollection)

    Dim strokesInMemory As New MemoryStream()
    Dim dataObj As New DataObject(StrokeCollection.InkSerializedFormat, _

    Clipboard.SetDataObject(dataObj, True)

End Sub


Use the InkSerializedFormat field to specify the format of the StrokeCollection when you transfer data, such as when you copy the StrokeCollection to the Clipboard.

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