Cursors Cursors Cursors Cursors Class


Defines a set of default cursors.

public ref class Cursors abstract sealed
public static class Cursors
type Cursors = class
Public Class Cursors


This static class defines a set of default cursors common to applications.

The various static properties defining cursors are not directly usable in XAML, but are indirectly used through two possible mechanisms:

  • The Cursor class performs type conversion on any XAML attribute that takes type Cursor, such that a value of the CursorType enumeration specified as the attribute value will evaluate to one of the static Cursors properties.

  • A static property value can be used through the x:Static Markup Extension.


AppStarting AppStarting AppStarting AppStarting

Gets the Cursor that appears when an application is starting.

Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow

Gets the Arrow Cursor.

ArrowCD ArrowCD ArrowCD ArrowCD

Gets the arrow with a compact disk Cursor.

Cross Cross Cross Cross

Gets the crosshair Cursor.

Hand Hand Hand Hand

Gets a hand Cursor.

Help Help Help Help

Gets a help Cursor which is a combination of an arrow and a question mark.

IBeam IBeam IBeam IBeam

Gets an I-beam Cursor, which is used to show where the text cursor appears when the mouse is clicked.

No No No No

Gets a Cursor with which indicates that a particular region is invalid for a given operation.

None None None None

Gets a special cursor that is invisible.

Pen Pen Pen Pen

Gets a pen Cursor.

ScrollAll ScrollAll ScrollAll ScrollAll

Gets the scroll all Cursor.

ScrollE ScrollE ScrollE ScrollE

Gets the scroll east Cursor.

ScrollN ScrollN ScrollN ScrollN

Gets the scroll north Cursor.

ScrollNE ScrollNE ScrollNE ScrollNE

Gets the scroll northeast cursor.

ScrollNS ScrollNS ScrollNS ScrollNS

Gets the scroll north/south cursor.

ScrollNW ScrollNW ScrollNW ScrollNW

Gets a scroll northwest cursor.

ScrollS ScrollS ScrollS ScrollS

Gets the scroll south Cursor.

ScrollSE ScrollSE ScrollSE ScrollSE

Gets a south/east scrolling Cursor.

ScrollSW ScrollSW ScrollSW ScrollSW

Gets the scroll southwest Cursor.

ScrollW ScrollW ScrollW ScrollW

Gets the scroll west Cursor.

ScrollWE ScrollWE ScrollWE ScrollWE

Gets a west/east scrolling Cursor.

SizeAll SizeAll SizeAll SizeAll

Gets a four-headed sizing Cursor, which consists of four joined arrows that point north, south, east, and west.


Gets a two-headed northeast/southwest sizing Cursor.

SizeNS SizeNS SizeNS SizeNS

Gets a two-headed north/south sizing Cursor.


Gets a two-headed northwest/southeast sizing Cursor.

SizeWE SizeWE SizeWE SizeWE

Gets a two-headed west/east sizing Cursor.

UpArrow UpArrow UpArrow UpArrow

Gets an up arrow Cursor, which is typically used to identify an insertion point.

Wait Wait Wait Wait

Specifies a wait (or hourglass) Cursor.

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