InputManager.PostNotifyInput InputManager.PostNotifyInput InputManager.PostNotifyInput InputManager.PostNotifyInput Event


Occurs after the PreNotifyInput handlers have finished processing the input and the corresponding Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) events have been raised.

 event System::Windows::Input::NotifyInputEventHandler ^ PostNotifyInput;
[add: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
[remove: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public event System.Windows.Input.NotifyInputEventHandler PostNotifyInput;
member this.PostNotifyInput : System.Windows.Input.NotifyInputEventHandler 
Public Custom Event PostNotifyInput As NotifyInputEventHandler 


A monitor is any code that listens to PreNotifyInput or PostNotifyInput. Monitors cannot modify the input staging area.

The handlers attached to PostNotifyInput are invoked in reverse order so that handlers added by the users are invoked before handlers in the system.

Input is processed in WPF in the follow stages:

  1. Pre-process stage. The input manager raises the PreProcessInput event.

  2. Pre-notify stage. The input manager raises the PreNotifyInput event.

  3. The WPF input event or events are raised.

  4. Post-notify stage. The input manager raises the PostNotifyInput event.

  5. Post-process stage. The input manager raises the PostProcessInput event.


for adding or removing an event handler. Associated enumerations: Unrestricted

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