MouseAction MouseAction MouseAction MouseAction Enum


Specifies constants that define actions performed by the mouse.

public enum class MouseAction
public enum MouseAction
type MouseAction = 
Public Enum MouseAction


LeftClick LeftClick LeftClick LeftClick 1

A left mouse button click.

LeftDoubleClick LeftDoubleClick LeftDoubleClick LeftDoubleClick 5

A left mouse button double-click.

MiddleClick MiddleClick MiddleClick MiddleClick 3

A middle mouse button click.

MiddleDoubleClick MiddleDoubleClick MiddleDoubleClick MiddleDoubleClick 7

A middle mouse button double-click.

None None None None 0

No action.

RightClick RightClick RightClick RightClick 2

A right mouse button click.

RightDoubleClick RightDoubleClick RightDoubleClick RightDoubleClick 6

A right mouse button double-click.

WheelClick WheelClick WheelClick WheelClick 4

A mouse wheel rotation.


The following example shows how to construct a MouseGesture using a MouseAction enumeration value and how to bind the gesture to a RoutedCommand using a MouseBinding.

<MouseBinding MouseAction="MiddleClick"
              Command="ApplicationCommands.Cut" />
MouseGesture CutCmdMouseGesture = new MouseGesture(

MouseBinding CutMouseBinding = new MouseBinding(

// RootWindow is an instance of Window.
Dim CutCmdMouseGesture As New MouseGesture(MouseAction.MiddleClick)

Dim CutMouseBinding As New MouseBinding(ApplicationCommands.Cut, CutCmdMouseGesture)

' RootWindow is an instance of Window.


The MouseAction enumeration specifies constants which correspond to actions performed by the mouse, such as RightClick and RightDoubleClick.

MouseAction can be used with a MouseGesture to create a input gesture which can be bound to a command using a MouseBinding. For more information about commanding, see the Commanding Overview.

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