HwndSource.SizeToContent Property


Get or sets whether and how the window is sized to its content.

 property System::Windows::SizeToContent SizeToContent { System::Windows::SizeToContent get(); void set(System::Windows::SizeToContent value); };
public System.Windows.SizeToContent SizeToContent { get; set; }
member this.SizeToContent : System.Windows.SizeToContent with get, set
Public Property SizeToContent As SizeToContent

Property Value


One of the enumeration values. The default value is Manual, which specifies that the window is not sized to its content.


End users might indirectly set this property through application UI, if that functionality is exposed by the application.

Scale transformations should not be applied to the RootVisual of an HwndSource, because this can disable SizeToContent behavior. See Remarks for RootVisual.

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