LocalizationCategory Enum


Specifies the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.

public enum class LocalizationCategory
public enum LocalizationCategory
type LocalizationCategory = 
Public Enum LocalizationCategory


Button 4

A Button or related control.

CheckBox 5

A CheckBox or related control.

ComboBox 6

A ComboBox or related control such as ComboBoxItem.

Font 14

Font-related data such as font name, style, or size.


A Hyperlink or related control.

Ignore 16

Do not localize this resource. This does not apply to any child nodes that might exist.

Inherit 15

Inherits its category from a parent node.

Label 3

A Label or related control.

ListBox 7

A ListBox or related control such as ListBoxItem.

Menu 8

A Menu or related control such as MenuItem.

NeverLocalize 17

Do not localize this resource, or any child nodes whose category is set to Inherit.

None 0

Resource does not belong to a standard category.

RadioButton 9

A RadioButton or related control.

Text 1

For a lengthy piece of text.

TextFlow 12

For panels that can contain text.

Title 2

For a single line of text, such as text used for a title.

ToolTip 10

A ToolTip or related control.

XmlData 13

XML data.


The following code example shows the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute defined for a button.

<!-- Define localization attributes for the button.
      - The content is visible to the localizer and can be changed.
      - The font family property is visible to the localizer but cannot be changed. -->
    FontFamily="Microsoft San Serif"
      "$Content(Button Readable Modifiable) FontFamily(Font Readable Unmodifiable)" >
    your company name here


A LocalizabilityAttribute attribute can be applied to a class, property, or method.

For more information on how to use localization attributes, see Localization Attributes and Comments.

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