BamlLocalizer.ErrorNotify Event


Occurs when the BamlLocalizer encounters abnormal conditions.

 event System::Windows::Markup::Localizer::BamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandler ^ ErrorNotify;
public event System.Windows.Markup.Localizer.BamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandler ErrorNotify;
member this.ErrorNotify : System.Windows.Markup.Localizer.BamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandler 
Public Custom Event ErrorNotify As BamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandler 
Public Event ErrorNotify As BamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandler 


Under normal circumstances, BamlLocalizer ignores errors and continues localizing the source BAML input. As a result, the output BAML is partially localized. By listening for errors this event can be used to stop the BamlLocalizer and stop processing a source BAML file.

The most common user case where ErrorNotify might be raised is as a result of an UpdateBaml call where the update contained errors. For example, the event is raised if an attempted update set a duplicate key, or if the original and update did not have UID values that align.

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