AdornerHitTestResult AdornerHitTestResult AdornerHitTestResult AdornerHitTestResult Class


Represents data returned from calling the AdornerHitTest(Point) method.

public ref class AdornerHitTestResult : System::Windows::Media::PointHitTestResult
public class AdornerHitTestResult : System.Windows.Media.PointHitTestResult
type AdornerHitTestResult = class
    inherit PointHitTestResult
Public Class AdornerHitTestResult
Inherits PointHitTestResult


In addition to the visual and point information provided by the base class PointHitTestResult, this class uses the value of the AdornerHitTestResult.Adorner property to return the Adorner that was hit (since there may be multiple Visuals in a single Adorner).


Adorner Adorner Adorner Adorner

Gets the visual that was hit.

PointHit PointHit PointHit PointHit

Gets the point value that is returned from a hit test result.

(Inherited from PointHitTestResult)
VisualHit VisualHit VisualHit VisualHit

Gets the visual object that is returned from a hit test result.

(Inherited from PointHitTestResult)


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