DiscreteStringKeyFrame Class


Animates from the String value of the previous key frame to its own Value using discrete interpolation.

public class DiscreteStringKeyFrame : System.Windows.Media.Animation.StringKeyFrame


This class is used as part of a StringKeyFrameCollection in conjunction with a StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames to animate a String property value along a set of key frames.

A key frame defines a segment of the StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames to which it belongs. Each key frame has a target Value and a KeyTime. The KeyTime specifies the time at which the key frame's Value should be reached. A key frame animates from the target value of the previous key frame to its own target value. It starts when the previous key frame ends and ends when its own key time is reached.

Discrete key frames like DiscreteStringKeyFrame create sudden "jumps" between values (no Interpolation). In other words, the animated property does not change until the key frame's key time is reached at which point the animated property goes suddenly to the target value.



Initializes a new instance of the DiscreteStringKeyFrame class.


Initializes a new instance of the DiscreteStringKeyFrame class with the specified ending value.

DiscreteStringKeyFrame(String, KeyTime)

Initializes a new instance of the DiscreteStringKeyFrame class with the specified ending value and key time.


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Creates a new instance of DiscreteStringKeyFrame.

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InterpolateValueCore(String, Double)

Uses discrete interpolation to transition between the previous key frame value and the value of the current key frame.

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