Timeline.GetNaturalDurationCore(Clock) Timeline.GetNaturalDurationCore(Clock) Timeline.GetNaturalDurationCore(Clock) Method


Returns the length of a single iteration of this Timeline. This method provides the implementation for GetNaturalDuration(Clock).

 virtual System::Windows::Duration GetNaturalDurationCore(System::Windows::Media::Animation::Clock ^ clock);
protected virtual System.Windows.Duration GetNaturalDurationCore (System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock clock);
abstract member GetNaturalDurationCore : System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock -> System.Windows.Duration
override this.GetNaturalDurationCore : System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock -> System.Windows.Duration


Clock Clock Clock

The Clock that was created for this Timeline.


The length of a single iteration of this Timeline, or Automatic if the natural duration is unknown.


This method provides the implementation for GetNaturalDuration and should not be called directly from your code. Use GetNaturalDuration instead.

Notes to Inheritors

This method should be implemented by timeline classes that need to provide a custom natural Duration when the Duration property is set to Automatic. If the author cannot determine the natural duration, this method should return Automatic.

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