Effect.ImplicitInput Property


Gets a Brush that, when it is used as an input for an Effect, causes the bitmap of the UIElement that the Effect is applied to be that input.

 static property System::Windows::Media::Brush ^ ImplicitInput { System::Windows::Media::Brush ^ get(); };
public static System.Windows.Media.Brush ImplicitInput { get; }
member this.ImplicitInput : System.Windows.Media.Brush
Public Shared ReadOnly Property ImplicitInput As Brush

Property Value

The Brush that acts as the input.



Use the ImplicitInput property as the value to a Brush-valued input to a ShaderEffect.

The ImplicitInput property represents the shader input that comes from the rendering of the UIElement that the Effect is applied to.


The behavior is undefined when ImplicitInput is used as a Brush in other WPF classes.

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