SamplingMode SamplingMode SamplingMode SamplingMode Enum


Indicates the way Brush-valued dependency properties are sampled in a custom shader effect.

public enum class SamplingMode
public enum SamplingMode
type SamplingMode = 
Public Enum SamplingMode


Auto Auto Auto Auto 2

The system selects the most appropriate sampling mode.

Bilinear Bilinear Bilinear Bilinear 1

Use bilinear sampling.

NearestNeighbor NearestNeighbor NearestNeighbor NearestNeighbor 0

Use nearest neighbor sampling.


Set the SamplingMode when you define a dependency property for a ShaderEffect.

The rendering system automatically selects the appropriate sampling mode, depending on whether hardware or software rendering is enabled, whether the destination texture is rotated, and other factors.

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